eBook Conversion Services

When you purchase our eBook Conversion service, we will use a hands-on process to do the Kindle formatting and ePub formatting for your eBook.

We make sure the paragraphs, headings, lists, links, special characters, footnotes, images, and any other formatting you may have in your book all appears correctly. We create a linked table of contents for your book. We also make sure the next section/previous section navigation gets set up and the guide entries are created so that readers can jump to the cover, the table of contents, etc., using eReader navigation menus such as the “Go to…” menu on the Kindle.

You’ll get the complete file in mobi (for Kindle) and ePub (for everything else)–ready to upload to the Kindle store, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and anywhere else you want to sell it.

We will check both files over thoroughly before sending them to you. We’ll also ask you to look through them and make sure you’re happy. If you find any mistakes, we’ll correct those at no additional charge. Then you’ll be ready to publish!

Because of the limited display capabilities of many eReaders, the type of book you have makes a big difference in how much effort is required to format it into an Bbook. We have a tiered rate scale to account for this. See pricing here.

To get started, here’s what we’ll need:

  • the text of the book, including all front and end matter–preferably as a .doc file, but pdf works, too.
  • the image you want for your cover (should be taller than it is wide–900 pixels x 1200 pixels recommended)
  • the publisher (this could be your name, your company, or left blank)
  • the description you want to appear in the metadata inside the file (recommended: the same description that will appear on the Amazon product page)
  • any reviews or testimonials you want to appear in the metadata (optional)
  • publication date (optional)
  • suggested retail price (just for the metadata, but it is mandatory)
  • where you want the book to open to when someone first opens it on the Kindle (most big-name-publisher books open to the introduction or ch. 1, skipping past the table of contents)

If you don’t have a cover design yet, we can help you with that, too.

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