Why Choose Us

You could get your ebook formatting done by someone on fiverr, or useĀ  a program like Calibre do your conversion free. Why pay us?

Because we’ll make it look good.

There’s always a cheaper option. If you’ve ever bought the $10 paint and had to use four coats to cover your walls, you know what I’m talking about.

Of course you could use a cut-rate service. In fact, go ahead and try using some of the free conversion services and see what it looks like.

But if you care about your book and want it to look professional–not like some sloppy vanity press creation that would never make it to a real publisher–you need to use a professional service.

We’re a father and daughter team, based in the USA. We’re both computer scientists, and we’ve been doing this kind of work since Amazon was born. The Kindle is new, but its files are built on basic html. We’ve both been doing html since 1995, when it was all done by hand.

We’re also both detail nuts. We can’t leave things alone until they look perfect. That’s the kind of obsessiveness you want on your side. We won’t rest until your book looks great–period.

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