Why eBook Conversion

You’ve written your masterpiece. You’re ready to take the world by storm. You’ve heard about people like John Locke and Amanda Hocking selling millions of their own ebooks on Amazon (and they’re not even great writers)! You’re ready to be the next great success story.

There’s no better time to get into digital publishing. As more people jump in and the tools get easier to use, competition will only get more fierce. Now is the time to start.

Publishing your book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online marketplaces is easy. Once you have the book written and edited, the next step is to get it converted to the special formats used by Kindle and other e-readers.

These formats are based on html, the same language used to make web pages. They’re not complicated, but there are a lot of small details you have to get right.

Some people will tell you that all you need to do is set up your book in Word, or use a free program like Calibre to convert it for you.

You can do that, and you will get a book that will work on Kindle or other devices. The only problem is, it won’t look professional.

When I started doing this, no way I wanted to do it by hand. That’s what we have software for! But every time I used any of these programs, the result was always just a little screwed up. Some of the paragraphs would look funny for no apparent reason, or the spacing would be off, or all the letters in my headings would be doubled.

It never looked professional, and that’s what you want. You’re competing with all of the books from all of the traditional publishers in the world. You’re also competing with every scamster and internet marketing hack who heard he could make a fast buck by slapping some garbage up on the Kindle store and watching sales roll in.

You need your book to clearly belong to the first class, not the second. The first way to do that is to have a professional cover. That’s your book’s first impression. People are good at picking up patterns; even if they’re not consciously aware of why, if your book cover looks amateurish, they won’t buy it.

The second way is professional formatting. If the formatting in your book is almost-good, like you’ll get from a cheap service or free conversion, your readers will perceive your book as unprofessional. That diminishes your credibility, making it less likely they’ll buy any of your other books. It also makes it more likely they’ll leave bad reviews or return the book.

Would you buy a Porsche and then paint it yourself with spray paint to save money? You’d have to be crazy to do that. So why would you put in all the blood, sweat, and tears to write a good book, and not give it a beautiful, professional appearance?

That’s what we do. If you’re ready to turn your book in to a great-looking, professional ebook, check out our services.

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